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  • that coconut water is a universal donor and is identical to human blood plasma.  This natural isotonic beverage has the same level of electrolytic balance that we have in our blood. During the Pacific War of 1941-45, coconut water was used to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers. Coconut water was used as an IV drip in WWII. Coconut water has been used as an emergency short-term intravenous hydration fluid. The high level of sugar and other salts make it possible to be used in the bloodstream. This is why coconut water is now referred to as the “fluid of life.”
  • that coconut oil is (cholesterol) and trans fat free and contains 1% omega (6) and is very rich in medium chain (good fats) that are recommended by doctors. One of the (good fats) that comprises 50% of coconut oil, is called lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid that supports healthy metabolism, and is now being studied for its antiviral, antifungal, & antibacterial properties. Researchers say  that lauric acid will soon become as well known as Omega-3. The Monsanto company developed a GMO canola oil that attempts to mimic coconut oil’s high (%) of lauric acid. Coconut oil is making a comeback as we learn more about the downsides of consuming too many Omega-6 vegetable oil. Experts suggest that (3) tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil a day is good.
  • what does not harm red blood cells, is non-allergenic, is readily accepted by the body and is a safe means of rehydration? Coconuts! What is an effective commercial electrolyte solutions to prolong the lifespan of sick patients? Coconuts! When you are defficient in potassium, what should you drink? Yes, you guessed it, coconuts!
  • that we are coco for coconuts because not only do we get nourished by coconuts, but we can also use the coconut shells for art, decoration, crafts, pots for plants, bowls, cups and the possibilities are endless so let’s all get coco-crazy today!

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